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    Ghost Ship Tattoo Shop in Liverpool prize it's quality in every single tattoo, with strict hygiene standards, using disposable material for each client and all done in a friendly environment.



            Nikki is a very experienced tattoo artist. Her favourite styles are colour and ornamental tattoos, but she can do anything else as well.

            Check some of her work here (click on the image for full view):



  • Nikki Sailor Tattoo

Nikki Sailor


Victor Armero







         Victor started tattooing at the young age of 15 and accumulate nearly 20 years of experience.

         His favourite style is Black and Grey Realism, specially portraits.

         Check his previous works here (click on the image for full view): 

  • Victor Armero

Nox Szeliga







              Nox has an unique style, her designs are cute and full of character at the same time. Each of her tattoos are custom made and unique to each client.

              She started at our shop as an apprentice and after nearly 3 years with us, she became a well known professional tattoo artist, with clients coming from all over the country and abroad to tattoo with her. 





  • Nox

         Check his previous works here (click on the image for full view): 



Abbey McKeown

           Abbey is our junior artist, she is currently at around two years experience and is doing great so far! 

           She is always happy to create something unique for you. 

         Check her previous works here (click on the image for full view): 



  • Abbey


          We often welcome experienced and qualified guest artists from around the world at our shop so we can bring to our clients a wider variety of styles. 

           Please check our Instagram and Facebook for the latest news on guest artists.


The Shop


           We prize the comfort of our clients during their time in our shop, for this reason we have the highest technology in client's chair, free high speed WiFi, and free for clients fizzy drinks, water, coffee and tea, all in a spotless clean ambient.

           But if you want anything else, don't worry, we are located next to a busy road (County Road), so our shop has everything around: cash machines, Mc Donalds, KFC, Subway, Greggs, etc. 

           We do have an open plan structure, as we believe to be more friendly like this so clients and artists can all interact with each other. But if your tattoo is on a private area or if you wish to have privacy during your tattoo session, is just let us know when you book your appointment and we can make sure that we place you in our private station at the back of our shop where will be only you and the artist.



- Comfort

- Cleanliness


           At Ghost Ship Tattoo we take the cleanliness very serious, as should be in any respected tattoo parlour.

           For this reason, we follow high standards of daily general cleaning and disinfecting at our premises every single morning done by our receptionist, as well each artist disinfect their tattoo station after each client. Also, once a week a deeper clean is made by a professional cleaner to make sure every single corner of the shop is cleaned at the highest level.

           All our materials are disposable, meaning that we open a new set of disposable materials for each client and they are all disposed in a safe clinical waste after use, which is collected by a well known company in a weekly basis.

          For our clients, we provide an automated gel dispenser at the entrance, an accessible sink to wash your hands whenever you want and a spotless clean toilet with constant supply of paper, baby wipes, tampons and odour spray. 



- Aftercare


           After your tattoo session at our shop, you will be provided with an aftercare pack, which contain: 1 aftercare explanatory sheet and 1 free sample of Tattoo Goo aftercare cream. 

           We also have a variety of aftercare creams and plasters available at our shop to purchase so you don't need to worry about needing to go to a shop to buy it. Our artists and receptionist can help you decide which cream or plaster works better for you if you wish. 

            If after that you still have any doubt about the aftercare of your tattoo, you can reach us through our social medias or landline and we will be more than happy to assist you. 


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1A Winslow Street L4 4DH

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0151 521 1533




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Terms & Conditions

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           * We do welcome walk ins, if you are not sure that you can commit with a date and time, please ring our shop on the day you want to get it done and check if there is walk ins slots available. 

We do not tattoo under 18 years old. You must bring ID if you are 21 years old or younger.